Massage in Paris : Lôk Siam Spa

Massage in Paris : the best place to receive an authentic thai massage with oil or traditional.

massage in paris Lok Siam Spa
The best foot massage outside of Thailand is at Lôk Siam Spa. Alors, you sit in a huge armchair and you feel like you’re in a temple, but you’re really in Paris.
Let me confess something straight away. Personally, I have never fancied the idea of a massage. En revanche, I remember once, on a visit to Paris with my mother, she pleaded with me to go for a massage with her. Therefore, I said no and watched a movie instead.

Finalement, today is different. It started with pain in my neck every time I moved. Donc, Soon the pain spread to my shoulders and lower back. Sleeping became almost impossible. At first I opted for the obvious solution – painkillers and sleeping pills. Infact, with my fear of injections and prescribed drugs, I managed to convince myself that I did not need to see a doctor. Ainsi, it only made me feel worse. With every posture while praying, the pain in my legs increased. En conséquence, it did not hurt to stand upright, but the lower I bent, the more it hurt.

I decided that it was either a trip to a doctor or to a massage in Paris

Donc, I found Lôk Siam Spa on Google. My criteria were location (15th arrondissement) and price (reasonable). I also wanted a massage salon opened on Sunday that accepted credit cards and, of course, enjoyed high ratings. Par ailleurs, on Google there were four reviews and all recommended Lôk Siam Spa and promised a “complimentary face massage” that should never be turned down. Hence, the owner was described as “talented, caring and friendly” — also a plus. Alors,  the main reason I chose Lôk Siam Spa was the customer who wrote that she “nearly burst into joyful tears” during her massage. En effete, I was sold.
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